Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tasty and....... healthy.

This bread has been thought considering that people with wheat gluten intolerance (not celiac disease),  are often advised to avoid wheat and durum wheat, and replace them with spelt or kamut (khorasan).
For a long time I use kamut  and einkorn flour (a variety of spelt). So wanting to create a recipe for a bread with just flour of these cereals I was able to hit the target in three or four attempts.
Then, with just a few steps I was able to refine it and to get these loaves.

All in all, to get a bread that was tasty and flavorful not to have had to invent some kind of novelty.
I only needed to use good quality flour, mixing them in the right proportions.
I have chosen flour "type 2" rather than wholemeal, to get a loaf of bread ideal for those who are intolerant, that was at the same time quite soft and palatable.
For all those who want to try to do that, here is the recipe:

INGREDIENTS x the biga:
Kamut flour (white): 135 g
Water (lukewarm): 70 g
yeast: 2 g

Biga: 207 g (all one prepared)
Kamut flour "white" g 100
Kamut flour "type 2": 200 g
Einkorn flour "type 2": 200 g
Water: 325 g
Brewer's yeast: 10 g
Sugar / malt: 18 g
Salt: 14 g

Prepare the biga in a bowl large enough to contain it after that you will be well developed, let it rest covered with a damp cloth for 12/18 hours.
Pour the flour, into a bowl. Put the biga cut into pieces, add water, yeast and sugar/malt, and begin to knead. When the water will be completely absorbed by the add salt, continuing to mix until dough is elastic and smooth.
Form a ball and place it to ferment away from drafts, covered with a damp cloth for about 20/30 minutes. (in the cooler days, I suggest you put in the oven with light bulb lit).
After it fermented proceed with portioning. For best cooking, from a mixture of weight described in this recipe obtained from 4 to 6 loaves of equal size.
Let rise for about 30 minutes then sprinkle the loaves obtained with white flour of kamut, cut sideways. Let rise for another 20/30 minutes.
Now when you have verified that the rise is just right (well leavened loaves = cuts well dilated), place in preheated oven and cook to +200 / 220 ° C for about 20 minutes. (cooking time and the oven temperature must always be evaluated based on operation of its own oven).


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