After realizing, with excellent results, my gluten-free shortcrust pastry, I decided to test a new version.
To do this, based on what I have read here and there on the web, but also in various
gluten-free magazines and cookbooks, I decided to use Teff flour (Eragrostis tef).
By grinding teff, a cereal native to eastern Africa, you get a flour that is an excellent alternative in the preparation of gluten-free breads and cakes.

Until now I have only been able to experience this flour in the preparation of dough for pastries. Always getting the best results. It seemed particularly suitable for the preparation of cakes, giving excellent results in the preparation of the shortcrust pastry. 

The shortcrust pastry I got, using instead of wheat flour, 70% of teff flour and 30% corn starch or potato starch, was particularly easy to apply and work with. 

The "Magdalene" or sponge cake, that I made ​​with 50% teff flour and 50% buckwheat flour, definitely has a richer flavor and aroma and a better texture after cooking. Furthermore during cooking, the aroma that I felt pleasantly surprised me. 

As was done previously for the cake of Ötzi, I combined these two bodies in one cake. All stuffed with a generous layer of cranberry jam. 

Gluten Free Ötzi's cake, with flour of teff.

Besides the Ötzi's cake gluten free with flour of teff are able to prepare a soft and light sponge cake. Using the 65% of Teff flour and 35% of corn starch.

Sponge cake made ​​with teff flour and cornstarch.

I expect in the future to try to make even gluten-free bread blending this flour with others. But for the moment I'm still studying the right combination of flour to get a appreciable bread, both for the palate and for the eyes.
Will post later on the home page of this blog, the results and maybe some pictures of the bread obtained.

If you want more information about my recipes with flour teff contact me by e-mail, or enter a comment on this page. It will be a pleasure for me to answer.
Sponge cake made with teff flour (detail).