Monday, March 18, 2013

Big focaccia with tomatoes.

Pizza is surely one of my favorite food, But it's also true that I like to make also focaccia.
Usually my dough for a good focaccia is just a little different from the dough for pizza. the most of the times I use the same ingredients changing the quantity.
Obviously, for both (focaccia and pizza) there are many ways to make them. The important thing for me is that are used quality ingredients to guarantee an excellent final result.

The focaccia I made the most of the times is:
"big focaccia with fresh tomatoes".

I suggest to make it only in the season of tomatoes. Which type does not matter, the important thing is that they are of good quality. The same goes for the other ingredients, otherwise you may ruin all the work.
To make this focaccia I have tried several kinds of flours, but I would say that pairing that gave me most satisfaction is what I got by mixing 50% durum wheat semolina type "senatore Cappelli" with 50% of Kamut flour(Khorasan) "type 2".
Here is how to made a focaccia  approximately 30 cm (11,8 in) in diameter.

INGREDIENTS for the dough:

Durum wheat semolina "Senatore Cappelli": g 250 (8.8 oz)
Kamut flour "tipo 2": g 250 (8.8 oz)
Water: g 275 (9.7 oz)
Fresh yeast: g 25 (0.88 oz)
Sugar/Malt: g 15 (0.53 oz)
Extra virgin olive oil : g 30 (1.06 oz)
Salt: g 12.5 (0.44 oz)

INGREDIENTS for the topping:
Brine: water g 25 (0.88 oz) + Extra virgin olive oil g 25 (0.88 oz) + salt g 5 (0.18 oz).
(melt the salt in boiling water, add the extra virgin olive oil and emulsify)
Tomatoes (in enough quantities to cover the surface of the focaccia).

Preparation tips:

Knead as for any leavened dough, using lukewarm water during the cold season. As already explained previously, never put the yeast in direct contact with the salt. Possibly mixed salt to the flour before you start to knead or add it to last, in the final stages of mixing operations.

Let rise away from air currents and at a temperature as much as possible next to +25 ° C (+ 77 °F).

Let rise for 30/40 minutes and spread on a baking tray. Let rise for about 30 minutes (until it has doubled in volume). Pour about half the
brine on the surface and put the cut tomatoes, pressing them lightly in the dough, pour the rest of the brine. Add a dash of oregano. Put in the oven.

Reccomend you bake at a temperature of +200 ° C (+392 °F) in the intermediate groove of the oven for about 15/20 minutes.

Serve warm!
I look forward to your questions, but most of all your valuable advice!

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