Friday, March 08, 2013

Quick apetizers. (tidbits with olives and pepper)

A few months ago, during an excursion on the mountains close by to the place where I live, I started hike thinking about what I could put in my backpack to offer as an aperitif (quick and easy to transport) to my fellow.
I had in my backpack a bottle of good wine, but even if I could count on several appetizers that had my friends, I was not fully satisfied.
Something more to be combined with wine was needed, something that would bring my signature.
So, after a few days I started to think about a recipe. With a couple of attempts I could get what I wanted.

"Some tidbits with olives and peppers!"

Easy to make, extremely easy to carry hiking and, most importantly, very tasty.
Useless to say that at the first opportunity, when I extracted from the backpack and I have offered to my friends, they had a great success.
They almost make overshadowing the excellent quality of the wine that I had brought on that occasion.
On the palate crisp and crumbly, with a marked taste of olives (green) and pepper (red), with an aftertaste of olive oil.
I have matched them with a sparkling wine. but I think that for a toast with friends in the name of happiness and quality, you can also match other wine, as long as quality wine.

Anyway for those who want to make them, here are the ingredients:



wheat flour type "0": 250 g [8.8 oz]
water: 53% 133 g [4.7 oz]
e.v.o. oil: 7.5% 20 g [0.70 oz]
malt / sugar: 3% 7.5 g [0.26 oz]
yeast (fresh): 2% 5 g [0.18 oz]
Salt: 2% 5 g [0.18 oz]
chopped green olives: 24% 60 g [2.12 oz]
red pepper, chopped (stripped): 12% 30 g [1.1 oz]

Tips :

Mix as for any leavened dough, using lukewarm water in the colder seasons. Never put the yeast in direct contact with the salt. Mix salt to the flour before you start to knead or add it last, in the final stages of mixing operations.
Let rise away from drafts and at a temperature as close as possible to +25°C [+77°F] (suggest to put in the oven, turned off obviously, with the light bulb lit, it seems banal but the heat generated by the bulb helps create a temperature more likely for rise).
For an even baking all raw tidbits must have dimensions of about 2 cm[0.8 in] in length and 1 cm[0.4 in] in diameter.
Bake at a temperature of +180°C[+350°F] in the upper groove of the oven for about 15/20 minutes. When they begin to brown, draw out 2 or 3, from different positions of the pan to make sure they are cooked uniformly, then set the oven temperature to a minimum and let them dry. If necessary leave a few more minutes in the oven after shutting down to obtain a greater friability.
Attention: "the cooking time must be assessed in accordance with your own oven!"


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