Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The "healthy bread"!!!

I had saved up some ideas on what might have to be an "healthy bread".

At the end I made ​​a bread that fully met my needs and those of the person who has tasted it.

I admit that even though I have called it "the healthy bread", someone might argue to the name and the effective health of the bread.

I just wanted to combine my passion for the dough with some ingredients, that in my opinion, would add flavor, character and maybe more.
Starting from a recipe for rye flour bread, that I had found in a book of recipes from South Tyrol, I started changing some ingredients until I get to the final recipe that I could make several times with some success.

The "healthy bread"

Despite I got a bread nutritious and rich in flavor, maybe it could still be improved.

Also for this
bread I used an indirect dough with biga. In this way, I can reduce the amount of yeast and get a rise which in my opinion gives the bread a particularly appetizing aroma. 
The flour used: rye, wheat and spelt, are all organic. I also added to the mixture linseed, sunflower seed and apple steamed.
Both the biga and for the dough, I used the wheat flour type "0"(Manitoba) with a high percentage of gluten. Than the Spelt whole meal I used, was the type called einkorn (Triticum monococcum L.)[of course].  
However, if you want to try to knead this bread the recipe is as follows:
Wheat Flour type "0" (Manitoba): 135 g(4.76 oz)
Water (lukewarm): 65 g(2.29 oz)
Fresh yeast: 2 g(0.07 oz)

Wheat flour type "0" (Manitoba): 150 g(5.29)
Wholemeal wheat flour: 100 g(3.52 oz)
Wholemeal rye flour: 150 g(5.29 oz)
Wholemeal spelt flour: 100 g(3.52 oz)
Water: 145 g(5.11 oz)
Baked apple: 250 g(8.8 oz)
Sunflower seeds: 60 g(2.12 oz)
Linseed: 60 g(2.12 oz)
Fresh yeast: 5 g(0.18 oz)
Sale: 13 g(0.45 oz)
Sugar / malt: 19 g(0.67 oz)

As for the recipe of the previous post, prepare the biga 12/18 hours before you start to knead.
In a bowl, large enough to allow you to knead, put the flours well mixed. Add the biga pieces and begin to knead, adding yeast and malt dissolved in water. Continue to knead adding the steamed apple(previously mashed) until the dough is smooth and elastic enough. Now you can add salt, sunflower seeds and the linseed. Mix until completely to absorb even these ingredients, then put to ferment for about 30 minutes.
As for the recipe previously posted, during the cooler seasons (temperature below + 25°C[+77°F]), I suggest to put in the oven with light bulb.
After fermentation, proceed by portioning the dough (I usually make six pieces of approximately 170 g[6.0 oz] each). Make loaves or rolls and let rise for about 45 minutes. Then carve it and let rise further to other approximately 45/60 minutes (actually rising time depends on various factors, first of all the room temperature). Then wait for your loaves have well developed before baking approximately + 220°C(+430°F), in the intermediate grooves of your preheated oven. Cook for about 20 minutes.

As always, remember that the time and temperature of cooking should be evaluated based on your experience with your oven.
 As always, I look forward for your comments, suggestions and questions! 

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