Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ötzi's bread (reinterpretation with sourdough)

Now that my sourdough starter is active enough, I wanted to rebuild the recipe for "Ötzi's bread". Using solid sourdough instead of the beer yeast used previously. I obtained a good result with hydration at 70%.

These are the doses of the ingredients used to obtain 2 loaves of one pound each :
Einkorn flour kg 0.600 (21.16 oz)Water kg 0.420 (14.81 oz)
Sourdough solid kg 0.180 (6.35 oz) 
Malt kg 0.009 (0.32 oz)
 Salt kg 0.014 (0.49 oz)

After weighing the ingredients, melt sourdough in the water with the malt. Then gradually add the flour while continuing to mix until it is completely absorbed. Add the salt, knead a little more in order to fully incorporate the salt and make smooth and soft the dough, which will be still a little sticky.
After this put to mature the dough in a bowl large enough and lightly greased with oil.
Let stand for about 1 hour and a half then fold softly, return again in greased bowl and let the dough rest for another hour, then fold softly again in order to give more strength to the dough. Passed another hour divide and shape the dough and put it into proofing baskets to rise.
I advice cooking this way: with the oven preheated to 250 ° C, putting already in the phase of heating of the oven a container with water, to create steam. Cook for the first 15 minutes at 250 ° C, then lowered to 200 ° C, remove the container with the water. Continue cooking for another 25 minutes then open a little the oven door and continue cooking for another 8/10 minutes (making sure not burn too much the surface of the loaves).   

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