Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bread with raisins "Rimbaud".

Maybe because I was thinking to make it for some time, or because since child I always liked the bread with raisins, when I found this recipe I immediately decided to try to do it.
The recipe, found in a kitchen of an Ethiopian house, where the
French poet Arthur Rimbaud has lived, is the following:

Whole wheat flour
river's water
a pinch of salt
Knead well and give a round shape.
Bake in an oven type Ethiopian low heat for about an hour.

Bread with raisins "Arthur Rimbaud"
I had enough information to start thinking on it and how proceed in its making.
The first ingredient I had to change was "river's water", unfindable near my home a river which has water so pure to be used in kitchen.  
The remaining ingredients were easily available. Of course I did not have an oven of Ethiopian type, but I supposed I would be able to reach the target also with my normal gas fired oven.
So, the first step was rewrite the recipe of my new version. Then, I had to calculate the amounts of ingredients. Decide the times of kneading, leavening and baking. 
To be honest wasn't a hard job, I only used my limited experience (enough for this recipe) and a little bit of imagination.

Well, these are the ingredients for my revisited version, in order to obtain two loaves of half pound each: 

Whole wheat flour kg 0,250
wheat flour (type "1" or "0") kg 0,250
water kg 0,320
raisins kg 0,500
sourdough starter (solid and refreshed)kg 0,150
cloves kg 0,005
cinnamon kg 0,003
Honey kg 0,010
salt kg 0,013 

In practice I have preferred to use half whole wheat flour and half wheat flour type "1" or "0", to obtain a softer dough.
Make an infusion of cloves instead of putting them directly into the dough.
Use ground cinnamon to distribute it more evenly and added very little honey to make it a little sweeter.

In a bowl, softened raisin with water, for a couple of hours. 

And here's how I proceeded in the preparation and cooking of the dough:
After weighing the ingredients, in 1/4 of the total amount of the water (kg 0,080), melt the sourdough with malt. Boil the rest of the water and make an infusion with cloves.
In a bowl put all the flour, add the infusion of cloves starting to mix. Then, continuing mixing, add sourdough previously melted in water and malt.  

When all the water will be absorbed by flour, add ground cinnamon and salt. Continue to kneading till the dough is soft and elastic.
Now add raisins and by kneading the dough gently, englobe it to the dough.
Make a ball and put the dough in a lightly greased bowl to ferment for one/two hours (depending from room temperature). Then, proceed to portioning and shaping, putting the two loaves into proofing basket, letting rise till they have doubled their volume.
Now you can overturn them on an oven pan and put them into the preheated oven to + 240°C, with water to create steam. Bake for 10 minutes at this temperature, then take away the water continuing baking to +200°C for other 25 minutes. If necessary, finish baking with oven door ajar, for five to ten minutes, in order to dry the loaves.

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