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In the passed months, while spring seemed to have forgotten us and summer seemed a distant mirage, I talked a lot with friends about the upside down focaccia.

Someone told me, how the famous Gabriele Bonci
made it, in a italian TV show.

For a long time I had thought to challenge myself with this succulent focaccia. From the first time I had read the recipe in one of the books of dough for focaccia and bread, of my personal library.

Given that, I am aware of not having his own ability and that the only thing I have in common with Bonci is the passion for the einkorn and the flours
of a well-known italian mill, however I thought to be able to prepare an upside down focaccia, worthy of my albeit modest fame.

So after many days mulling over, one day, while I was preparing the dough for a simple focaccia, I had the courage to experiment with the recipe that has tickled my ego for so long time. Obviously, to get a dough suitable for the upside down focaccia, I had to rework the simple one. Changing the hydration, the time to leavening and selecting the flours I thought was most suitable.

Here is the final result that I got:
UPSIDE DOWN FOCACCIA with black olives "taggiasche" and onions of Tropea.
Let's say that the first attempt went just fine, although I had almost convinced that I had enjoyed the proverbial beginner's luck, but further experiments have been extremely successful.
FOCACCIA with black olives "taggiasche", escarole, anchovies and capers.

FOCACCIA with black olives "taggiasche", escarole, anchovies and capers(close up).

Who wants to grapple with this tasty focaccia can follow my directions. Preparing dough:The basis are the same that for a normal soft enough focaccia, if you already have your recipe you can safely use it, or consider the following guidelines. 

200 g (7,05 oz)flour mix (I use 40 % kamut wheat + 30% durum wheat + 30% einkorn ) 
135 g (4,76 oz) water
 5 g (0,18 oz) dry yeast
 4 g (0,14 oz) malt / sugar
 6 g (0,21 oz) salt
 25 g (0,88 oz) oil e.v.o.

INGREDIENTS FOR TOPPING (with escarole + anchovies + capers + olives) :
 600 g (21,16 oz) fresh escarole
 50 g (1,76 oz)pitted black olives
 20 g (0,70 oz)of salted capers
 6/8 anchovy fillets

In a pan , preferably non-stick , put to simmer the clean and coarsely cut escarole with anchovies , capers , a tablespoon of olive oil and salt to taste. 
Cook over low heat by covering with lid, turning occasionally, until the complete withering of the escarole. When cooked, remove the cover for the time necessary to evaporate almost completely the liquid that will be formed in the pan.  
While the escarole cook, can prepare the dough for the focaccia. In order to have time to cool the escarole while the dough is rising.  
Then dissolve the yeast in the water and malt, let it ferment a bit, and slowly add the flour. When the flour has almost completely absorbed the water, add the extra virgin olive oil and continue to mix until stringing the mixture, at this point add the salt and mix for another 5/10 minutes, until the mixture is uniform, soft and smooth. 
Form a ball and let ferment the dough for about 30 minutes (considering the ambient temperature for the times). Roll out the dough gently avoiding to compress it too much and fold it to form again a ball and leave to rise until doubled its volume. 
Once it has been leavening, put the dough on a previously floured surface and , helping with the fingertips , spread it until reaching a diameter of about 4/5 cm greater than the diameter of the pan.  
Lining the baking sheet and brush with olive oil and a little butter melted. Sprinkle over the salt and a little of whole cane sugar. Take the escarole previously cooked in the pan and add the pitted olives, stir well to distribute the olives (if necessary add a little extra virgin olive oil ) and place them in the pan. Cover with the disc obtained from the laying of the dough and roll it up along the entire border. Pierce the surface of the dough in several places with a toothpick and let rise by covering with plastic wrap without seal. Let rise for about 40 minutes, brush with a little oil and sprinkle with a bit of salt. 
Bake in a preheated oven, at intermediate grooves at +200/220°C(+392/428°F) for about 15/20 minutes (consider time and cooking temperature according to your experience with your oven) .

Well, this is the process I used to prepare my upside down focaccia. The filling is the part on which you can indulge more, given that this type of focaccia can be prepared with different types of vegetables and other ingredients. I am always waiting for your questions and comments.

So do not hesitate to e-mail me!  

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