Monday, September 09, 2013

BURGER BUNS, without animal fat.

I had in my mind the idea to make some burger buns.

Searching on the web I
mainly found recipes with milk and butter and because i wanted to knead this kind of bread without butter and milk, I tried to create a recipe that would give approximately the same result without the use of these ingredients.

So I decided to replace the butter with a blend of extra virgin olive oil and egg whites, and instead of milk I put just water.

Finally, I garnished them with seeds of teff (Eragrostis tef) instead of the usual sesame seeds of the sandwiches of the famous fast food chains.
This time the experiment at has succeeded on the first attempt.

Burger buns without milk and butter!

Wheat flour "00" 200 g
(7.05 oz)
Einkorn flour 150 g (5.29 oz)
Durum wheat flour 150 g (5.29 oz)
Sourdough starter (solid) 150 g
(5.29 oz)
Water 275 g
(9.70 oz)
Malt 7 g (0.24 oz)
Egg whites 50 g
(1.76 oz)
Apple vinegar 3 g
(0.10 oz)(about a teaspoon)
Extra virgin olive Oil 30 g
(1.05 oz)
salt 12 g
(0.42 oz)
[teff seeds, water and malt for garish]


Dissolve the solid sourdough starter in water + malt .
Slowly add the flour and begin to knead, add the apple vinegar egg white and olive oil, salt at last.
Knead for about 10 minutes, then run the stretch and fold until the dough is nice and smooth.
Grease a bowl and storing the dough, cover with plastic wrap and let it ferment at room temperature. Wait 1/2 hours (depending on temperature).
Divide into equal parts (8/10), round every part, place in baking pan covered with oven paper, brush with olive oil and cover with plastic without seal, in order to allow development in rising. Wait for the doubling, brush with a little malt melted in water and garnish with seeds of teff (or other), bake (oven preheated to + 220 ° C) and cook for about 20 minutes in the intermediate groove. 
My burger buns with teff seeds
 I have to admit this time the result really surprised me!!

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail, or post your comment!


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