Friday, July 01, 2016

Teff bread with hemp seeds.

If you have tried to do the gluten-free sourdough following my instructions, now you could also try to make this recipe that requires its use.
It is a recipe that I developed after several tests, and that gave me a very satisfactory result, for the structure and for the taste of bread obtained. 

I thought my recipe for the Teff bread, enriched with hemp seed, which combine very well with teff flour, and which are known to be so healthy

The result will be equally good also replacing hemp seeds with other seeds (sunflower, chia, teff, sesame, flax), or with chopped hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios. Or for those who prefer, without seeds

It is a recipe with indirect dough and is divided into two phases. The first includes the creation of a preferment with gluten-free sourdough. The second consists in making the final dough with the addition of preferment previously obtained.

So if you are passionate like me to flavor of teff and want to try this novelty, you just need to follow the recipe and kneading.


Teff flour kg 0,300
Gluten free sourdough kg 0,060
Lukewarme water kg 0,290 
Final dough:
Teff flour kg 0,500
Preferment kg 0,650
Lukewarm water kg 0,470 
Milled chia seeds kg 0,025
Psyllium husks powder kg 0,025
Extra virgin olive oil kg 0,030
Honey/malt syrup of rice or corn kg 0,004
Salt kg 0,006
Hemp seeds to taste

How to procede:

  •  Preferment -  Mix the gluten free sourdough 10 to 12 hours before the final dough, and leave to ferment in an air-tight, food-grade container. Desired dough temperature is 30°C.

  •  Final dough - Add all ingredients to a large bowl and mix. Proceed until  a smooth, homogenous dough is achieved. When mixed correctly, the dough have a soft, mousse-like texture.
    Desired dough temperature is 30°C. 
  • Bulk fermentation 30/40 minutes (depending on room temperature)
  • After this fase of bulk fermentation proceed dividing in equal parts and shaping. Roll the top of loaves in hemp seeds and let them rise for 2/3 hours (depending on room temperature).
  • Once risen, put the loaves in preheated oven with steam at +220°C for 10/15 minutes (depending on size of each loaf) then continue for other 15/20 minutes at +180°C. Could be useful to complete the cooking with door ajar for another 10 minutes.

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