Friday, February 12, 2016

The bread of the king!

On summer evenings, when as a child I was chasing fireflies in the attempt to catch at least a couple.
I was used to sing a doggerel. More or less it was beginning thus: "Firefly, firefly, comes to me I will give you the bread of the king ........"
How it continues I do not remember but, then as now, the desire to know how was this bread of the kingprompted me to imagine and then to try to achieve what, according to my personal taste, could be a bread worthy of kings, and why not, able to attract the fireflies.
I wanted to make a rich but simple bread, without too much sought-after ingredients, tasty and healthy at the same time.

After a few baking tries, I came to the conclusion that this is my
Bread of the king!

For dough starter

Wheat flour tipo "0" kg 0,229
fermented stiff starter kg 0,034
water kg 0,137
Final dough 

Flour mix (50% whole wheat
+40% einkorn+10% sifted rye) kg 1,000
Water kg 0,180
Starter kg 0,400
Apple puree kg 0,670
Oat flakes kg 0,150
Almond flour kg 0,150
Roasted hazelnuts / Nuts kg 0,200
Extra virgin olive oil kg 0,056
Barley malt kg 0,008
Salt kg 0,020

  1. 12/14 hours before proceeding with the preparation of the dough prepare the starter by mixing water, flour and yeast previously refreshed.
  2. Let stand the prefermento in an airtight container for about 12/14 hours. Then proceed preparing the weighed ingredients. In a fairly large bowl, place the flour, make a fountain and add the starter, malt, water and start to stir. Once the water is fully absorbed, stirring constantly, add the apple puree, then the almond flour, oat flakes, oil and finally the salt. Continue to knead for about 6/7 min., Until the dough is sufficiently elastic, soft and smooth.
  3. Now add the toasted hazelnuts or walnuts, knead gently for about 2 more minutes and once given back softness and elasticity to the dough, store it in the bowl lightly oiled to ferment for about 50/60 minutes. If necessary, make a pair of folds cycles, waiting 15/20 minutes between one and the other.
  4. Proceed with portioning. With this dough you can do both buns and loaves without problems. After deciding on the weight of the portions make a first step of shaping without stressing too much  the dough. Let stand the obtained portions for about 15 minutes and then make  final shaping. In this phase not to be too energetic, and let the loaves or buns quite soft.
  5. Then pass the top of the dough shaped before on a towel sufficiently moist, then in the oat flakes you've previously distributed on a tray or on a dish. Will be sufficient place the loaves / buns on the flakes to make it stick the sufficient quantity.
  6. Let rise for about 3 hours (depending on room temperature) in proofing baskets or on a floured cloth, wait until they have almost doubled in volume. Bake in preheated oven at about +260 °C with steam. The cooking time for 2 loaves of about ½ kilo is of about 15 minutes at +260 °C with steam, then lower to +200 °C, and continue cooking without steam for another 25 minutes. Then finish the cooking for 10 minutes with the oven door ajar, in order to facilitate the correct drying of the loaves.  

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