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Mafalde are a typical bread of Sicily made with durum wheat flour. 
Many years ago, when I made them in a baking class, this kind of bread had a big success.
To me, for some reasons I can't explain truly, they are the Italian "brezel" to propose with finger food or some other food eated during a quick lunch or dinner with friends, with a good artisanal beer or a glass of wine.
Anyway, if interested to try baking them, here there is the recipe.

Flour (50% Tumminia 50% Madonita) (*) 1,000 kg
Water 0,740 kg
Sourdough (solid 50% hydration) 0,330 kg
Extra virgin olive oil 0,070 kg
Salt 0,020 kg
Malt 0,015 kg
Sesame seeds (as needed)
(*) Tumminia is an ancient durum wheat from Sicily, Madonita is still ancient and original from Sicily but is normal wheat. The two I use are both whole grain, stoneground and organic.

Refresh sourdough as usual, wait till it double its volume, than melt it in water and malt. (save a 10% of water to add in dough later with salt)
When sourdough malt and water are mixed, add flour and mix again till they are completely mixed. Add extra virgin olive oil continuing mixing, than add salt and the remaining water.
Knead for 5/8 minutes till the bulk is smooth and elastic.
Then let it rest for about 45 minutes in a greased bowl (grease it with extra virgin olive oil).
Divide the knead in some peaces of the weight needed. I usually make portions of 100/125 g.
Fold, making some balls with each portion of knead and let them rest for other 30/45 minutes, then shape proceeding as following:
Make a stick of 30/40 cm of length, 1-2 cm of diameter and bend following the scheme:

When bended sprinkle the top of Mafalde with sesame seeds (will be enough lay them flipping and turning them).
Than let them proof till they double their volume (time dipend on room temperature).
At this point put them into the preheated oven to + 220°C, with water to create steam. Bake for 15 minutes at this temperature, then take away the water continuing baking to +200°C for other 15 minutes. If necessary, finish baking with oven door ajar, for five to ten minutes, further reducing the temperature to +175 °C, in order to dry the Mafalde.

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